Winter Cure

Last night we hustled down the block in the cold, cold weather to see some live music. A sure sign that our neighborhood is growing is the theater that opened around the corner last fall.
As I pulled my hood over the hat that was already trying to keep my head warm, and then shoved my mittens deeper into my pockets I considered that if Frank Sinatra had been a weatherman, his lyric might have been different, Chicago being the town most apt to the chorus, "if you can make it here, you can make it anywhere." After being out in the cold here, everywhere else seems toasty. When Juliet and I went to Antarctica, it was warmer. A lot of the gear I purchased for that trip has found new life in Chicago's winters

We warmed up quickly with a couple pints of beer and a front row balcony view of the band, Funkadesi. You can't help but find yourself smiling broadly while listening to their reggae, Indian, jam-band-like music.

One song transitioned from Punjabi singing, to "Sweet Home Alabama." And admit it, everyone knows how to sing along to that.

The drummers of the band took to the dance floor, parading amongst our dancing neighbors.

And Jason and I made mental note that this venue will be a place to bring all future out-of-town guests. Here's how someone who writes about music for real describes the band:"Multi-ethnic band Funkadesi is based in Chicago and it performs an explosive music of bhangra, spicy Afro-Latin beats such as merengue, Jamaican rapping and dub, groovy funk, Qawwali, blues and lots more. Funkadesi is the result of the increasingly multicultural spirit of Chicago, a city that has enthusiastically embraced world music

United States Presidential candidate Barack Obama raves about the band “Funkadesi really knows how to get a crowd going. I can't say enough how energizing this band is. There's a lot of funk in that desi.”

I think more live music will be added to the list for a Winter Cure.

Funkadesi's MySpace page is the best place to listen for yourself. Their songs are also on iTunes. Makhana was a really fun song, which involved a loud, rambunctious, crowd, shout-along. I also loved "Beautiful Thing" and it made me want to be in a Chicago park, enjoying Funkadesi's music at a summer festival. But that's a few months away...



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