First Fashion

What's better than a president I like?
A great First Lady too, with a style that is probably much like yours and mine: trying this and that, mixing pieces, and let's see how it looks. Just like you and me, I've noticed her repeat pieces, like a pin. (Michelle is practical; not a fashion first type, like Victoria Beckham taking her kids to the mall in 3-inch heels.)
(Huffington Post offers a 30-day retrospective of Michelle Obama's first days.)

And after 8 years of 'mother of the bride' fashion from Laura, Hillary's headbands and Barbara Bush's choker pearls, I find Michelle's style more easy to relate to: J. Crew, Jimmy Choo. (Me and my wallet relate far easier to J. Crew.)

I appreciated Laura's low key and appropriate style. I kind of liked that she didn't want to make speeches or be in the spotlight. All summed up well in her muted grey outfit for the inauguration.

I've been checking out the Mrs. O style blog lately to follow the new First Lady's fashions.

It has to be a little bit of a challenge to be fashionable, but yet conservative and palatable to the nation in your official role. And with the economy where it is, it likely gains Michelle fans when she wears White House/Black Market and J. Crew and young up-and-coming designers rather than the old, staid fashion houses that seem like something from the Gilded Age now.



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