Home Improvement

I caught up on the dearly needed sleep last night, crumpling into the pillows by 10 pm. Waking up feeling rested at 8:30 am on a Saturday was the reward. Since I normally don't wake up until 9:30 or so, I took the extra hour to lounge and eat the last of the banana bread. Then to the gym, just as I'd promised myself.

I had a shopping list to attend to at Home Depot so that's where I spent my early afternoon. The builder of our building must have been a lighting aesthete because each fixture needs a different special bulb. I've now somewhat fluent myself in G4, G6 and GY8's. Four light bulbs went into my shopping bag.

We also needed to remedy the DIY project from last weekend which was drilling a peephole through our front door. Even though there's the lock and key of the building door to get through before anyone could be knocking on our door, it was disconcerting not to know who was on the other side of our front door. The task seemed simple enough but it wasn't as tidy as we'd hoped. There was a small snarl of the metal sheath of the door that developed as the drill went through, and it wasn't covered by the lip of the peephole. We pondered and surveyed our friends for a week for a solution. The internet weighed in with the idea of caulk. But I think I found a cleaner solution: 1/2" washers on either end. I was secretly dreading the idea that fixing one mess could create a second one with the caulk. See the ugly metal gash:

And the better solution:Jason and I broke from routine to go to Home Depot for our peephole project and by the time we'd been through half the store probably 3 employees approached us with smiles and helpfulness. We both remarked nearly simultaneously how notably useful these folks were.
I remember when I was a single girl this was a little disarming, particularly the one HD employee who remarked that he didn't see an engagement ring before escorting me towards the stain. "Not yet." I quickly and firmly replied hoping that this might suggest that there was a big muscular boyfriend in my life who was just slow. (Although I think I was probably totally single.)
But now that I'm older, married and a homeowner I see any HD employee as a ray of light, shining down through the cloud and fog of my inexperience, sent from the wise god of home improvement.
I'm so glad this little project is wrapping up in a clean, if not entirely what we intended, fashion. Another week and we would have just started to live with gash in the door.



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