Home Sweet

Back from Montreal. This is the only tourist snapshot I have, the view from my hotel window at night. The rest of the week was spent feeling like a little rat running through the underground tunnels of the city. One morning we tried to make it out to Tim Horton's for a breakfast muffin and some sunshine, but quickly scurried back inside when the wind hit our faces.
It was comforting to get back home, to the creature comforts: a little kitten snuggled up by the fire, a Tivo full of shows, a hot bath.We had a low-key valentines by cooking mini beef wellington's at home. Jason got me pretty fuschia roses. I love them because they're just a little different than the standard red. And they smell sooooo good. Jason's gift was a new bag for his fancy camera. (I confess I ordered it from my hotel room in Montreal!)



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