Oh Deer

When you travel enough, wacky things happen.
Yesterday one of my flights was cancelled due to maintenance. This is typical and the kind of thing that I accept as just routine. Like a stop light turning red on your drive.

But there are other things that when the pilot announces them over the intercom you take a minute to ask whether you heard right.

My flight out of Ashville was delayed three hours because a plane hit a deer on the Charlotte airport runway. During the two hours sitting on the runway, since my computer battery had already died in the terminal, I turned to my entertainment of last resort: the SkyMall catalog. Somewhere at home, my cats got their hopes up that I'd buy them the Door Hung Cat Climber. I had the great misfortune of being on USAirways flights ("USeless Airways", more like it) so we missed the connection to Florida and their surly employees refused to help me just get back to Chicago, despite there being a waiting flight with open seats just two gates away.

The Charlotte airport was chaotic, with that "every man for himself" air and I was one of those who caught up on my fitness by running through two terminals with my luggage. (One of those moments where in the back of your head you fear running into anyone you know because you're desperate, out-of-breath and sweaty. And likely to behave badly after the USeless Airways employees tell you that while you have a record you're not ticketed so they can't do anything. I asked what that meant and they just stared at their computer screen without explanation, probably hoping that the next time they looked up I'd just go away and they could go home, since mentally they'd checked out hours ago.)

The luggage handlers went home promptly at the clock-out time, despite there being many stranded travelers without toothbrushes and pj's due to the deer nonsense. Useless.

End of the story is that I never got to see the sunshine of Florida. Now I pack for the chill of Montreal.

It seems that I will not feel the warmth of the sun until May. I am unhappy about this. But admittedly, I am happier than that deer.



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