Toaster Troubles

Remember how my toaster just up and became toast itself?
The folks at Hamilton Beach responded to my complaint, with instructions that resembled that of a kidnapper holding a functioning toaster for ransom. Cut off the cord to the toaster, then cut the plug off the cord, mail it to them with a check to ship me a new toaster. I am a little grumpy that their toaster breaks and I have to pay shipping, but I'll take these crumbs after the second toaster I bought on also failed. I also had to pay shipping for that too!
I am beginning to suspect that the cats stay up at night and just slam the lever down again and again and again for kicks.
I may go back to the classic dinky toaster oven and forget the joy of toast popping up.


Andra Sue said...

I dunno. I've had the same toaster for 11 years (white, Kitchenaid) and it works fine. I I think maybe you just got a raw deal? On the other hand, I've done the "cut off the cord and plug" dance with our Black & Decker iron 4 times now. Gah.

Jean Therapy and Therapy said...

I'm telling you Hello Kitty toaster is the bomb!


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