Yay Sunshine!

We booked our vacation this weekend. After much negotiation, it is not Jamaica or Mexico but a likely more economical destination: ARIZONA.

The initial planning for an international destination did net Jason a passport, so we'll have broader horizons when the economy improves and we feel more confident spending our dollars; and they'll actually be worth something abroad.

I am looking forward to our trip, to take place over a long March weekend. Winter has lasted too long already. I think if I were a kid I'd be susceptible to rickets by now, with all the time spent indoors.

We selected our destination with the help of TripAdvisor.com which I recommend highly because it's a collection of other traveler's reviews and photos. Sometimes it's a good warning when you see someone's vacation snapshot of the mold in the shower, even in the high-end hotel. It's also amusing when people include themselves in the photo. (Not sure how I'd feel about me in a hot tub across the internet...)But I am really jealous of those folks right now!



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