Confirm or Ignore?

Although I'm on it, I grow increasingly wary of Facebook.

How long will I live in mild fear that someone will post a horribly embarrassing photo from grade school, --or worse, high school-- which all the new people I've met since those dark, chubby days will see? (Slate has a reflective article on this new social concern.) Or maybe people I knew in college will see me in my new older, chubby days? (Baby fat in school, slowing metabolism chub now.)

I narrow the tunnel to my private life progressively through the Facebook privacy settings. Only my Friends can see updates. Only I can see photos that others tag of me. I'm becoming like the Bush administration was with the press.

But someday I wonder if I'll just bail on the whole thing. Claim like Dick Cheney that I'm not subject to this prying. It's too much maintenance!

If I wanted to talk to people from high school, wouldn't I have found them already?

10 Privacy Setting Every Facebook User Should Know is here and might be something I'll be putting to use!



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