Letter from My Vacation: Last One

In addition to the letters you've seen to Marriott and Travelocity, I also wrote to United after our haphazard weekend in Arizona. The letter writing has been kind of cathartic, after such a manic-depressive vacation. But after it all, I found myself wondering if the vacation relieved stress or created more.

United. I feel like you are the bad boyfriend, and you hurt me and cheat on me. You shrug your shoulders and say, "I can't help it, babe, I'm a man, you know?" = "I can't help it, I'm an airline. I overbook." And you do it again and again. But I keep on going back... cause you're convenient. Chicago is your hub, after all.

Or as their reply to my letter actually went:
"Like most airlines, United overbooks to ensure we're filling as many seats as possible on every flight. This practice evolved because some ticketed guests don't show up for their flight. By studying past records and considering fixed
factors we can predict the number of "no shows" for a particular flight
with a high degree of accuracy. Normally, these planning procedures are
extremely effective, but there are occasions when more guests show up
than can be accommodated. Situations such as the one you describe
concern us, and we understand your frustration."

They might be refunding me the money I spent on shorts and a t-shirt, because the attire for 20 degrees in Chicago was not at all appropriate for hot Arizona. My more appropriate attire arriving a day late, in my lost luggage.

But ultimately there's no recompense for all the angst we experienced at the gate that night and their employees' bumbling. Stupid United. But sadly, they might be the best of what's around, compared to how rotten USAirways was last month!

I'll surrender to the necessity of flying you again, United. (Please don't screw up my visit to see Grandma at Easter!) But you're on notice.
I don't want to be a bitter person. Really.



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