Needle Knows

Sewing class was a success, and a very productive way to fill a day where the snow fell from morning to late afternoon. See my new pillow below from a swank Japanese fabric -- with jaguars! (There will be a blog post sometime soon about how many animals I keep on putting in our living room decor. There are already horses, a pig, a fish, birds, and now jaguars.)

I'm feeling like I can work this pillow magic again, possibly starting with deconstructing the pillow pictured in the background here that I did last year without the grace and exacting attention to detail I learned today.
Look how terrific my zipper looks! I seriously looked at the finished product and the voice inside my head asked, "Did I really do this?"

I'm thinking of signing up for another class soon, maybe pajama pants or a tote bag. (Guess what everyone's getting for Christmas this year?)
I might even indulge in a book from Amazon from either Amy Butler or Anna Maria Horner, both of whose fabric designs and patterns I adored in the fabric store.

At home, Jason did laundry today. Never forget the lesson not to put your fresh-from-the-dryer clothes on the bed and walk away, because they'll quickly become a nest for the smaller members of the family.Can you really blame them? (Add this to the list of ridiculous frivolities I'd demand if I had more money and staff than I knew what to do with: warm sheets every night before I come to bed!)


abby said...

Might I suggest Amy Karol's Bend the Rules Sewing? She's a Portlander (when are you coming to visit, btw?), and I have the book and enjoy it a great deal, even though I don't sew.


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