Postscript on Trip Post

For those of you following the drama (trauma) of our short vacation: Travelocity has replied and has offered a refund of the money they made off of our trip, about $300. In addition there's a credit for future hotel or hotel+flight on the table as an offer. (I was kind of hoping it could be a flight, so I could use it towards maybe a trip to visit Abby in Portland. If my flight were to go awry again, I know Abby & David wouldn't charge me for a room even if I couldn't make it... unless their guest room policies have changed!) Or maybe Jason and I could use it for a Chicago stay-cation, since sadly the CTA Red Line is probably more reliable than the airlines!

This helps me begin to reconcile at least some with Travelocity. Their letter was pretty nice and understanding. Reasonable, too.

The refund probably works out to $42.86 every time I cried that weekend.


abby said...

We - just this morning - got a whopper of a deal on a flight to Cleveland from Expedia. It was far cheaper on that site than on the airline's own... go figure. Hotels are pretty cheap here - maybe you can select the Motel 6, still stay with us, and come out ahead!


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