Ready, Set...

I signed up for the Lincoln Park Zoo 5k again this year! Time to start "training." Training in quotes because it's really just me telling myself to go to the gym and get on the treadmill or risk being embarrassingly slow in public. (Race day is in early June.)

I found a website that lists all the charity runs in the Chicago area and contemplated signing up for others, like one that opens baseball season by running through Wrigleyville. I hesitated though because it seems like there would be more people to see you dissolve into a sweaty, tired, mess. And you are running through the streets of a neighborhood full of pretty sorority girls and clean-faced but loud-mouthed frat boys. Beautiful people. I'd rather just look a mess in front of the kangaroos and lions at the zoo.

We'll see.


abby said...

Isn't that sponsored by the evil airline?

Claire said...

Yeah, it is. But I remind myself that the money goes to the zoo.


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