Stem, and Root of Hope

Even I did not necessarily think that that the hope and progress would feel so tangible, so soon.
The news of Barack Obama overturning the ban on stem cell research made me satisfied, in a bittersweet manner, yesterday.

Just the other week I'd watched a Frontline episode on Parkinson's disease, where Micheal J. Fox talked about his enormous frustration sitting in a congressional hearing listening to scientists say that a cure might be found in five years and thinking it wouldn't happen for him in time. I know it's a complex ethical issue, where some feel that stem cell research destroys potential lives through the embryos it uses. But how hard is it to watch Parkinson's destroy the life of people already living, knowing science might be able to catch up to it with a remedy? Or at least give people some hope.

I guess Barack Obama delivers on that campaign promise. And it was nice to not think about the economy for a minute.

You can watch the Frontline episode online, and be prepared to spend the rest of your evening contemplating it.


james wells said...

Last night I saw an ad for an upcoming episode of South Park. One of the characters was watching Obama on the TV and he (the character, not Obama) was on his knees stroking the TV and rubbing his face against it and saying "oh I just LOVE Obama, he's the greatest president EVER, etc etc." I'm sure the South Park creators meant it as a joke, but I feel like that character has the right idea.


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