Weekend with My Sister

I was hosting Juliet this weekend in Chicago, which had us walking and driving up and down, and all around, town. This is the good thing about out-of-town guests, they make us get out and enjoy the stuff that's right around the corner but we never get to because grocery shopping and dry cleaning takes priority.

Friday afternoon a nearly two mile stroll to enjoy welcome mild temps and then dinner at one of our favorite Chicago restaurants, Avec. That walk made me feel a little better about all the rich food I enjoyed this weekend.
Saturday touring Frank Lloyd Wright's Robie House. This is really something that a usual tourist might never get to, since it's on the southside, tucked into the University of Chicago campus. Gratefully, the weekend's steady rain stopped for the exterior part of the tour.
Saturday afternoon finding the one available parking space in Lincoln Park before going to make pretty purses at 1154 Lill. I swear every time I go there I could make 2 or 3 bags. Luckily Juliet had never been, despite there being a store right in Philadelphia too.
Dinner and flights of Winter Whites (me) and Winter Reds (Juliet) at Webster's Wine Bar, then a beer in Wrigleyville.
It's no wonder this morning all we did was eat cereal on the couch and watch 'What Not to Wear.' And after she left, I kind of stayed on the couch, trying to soothe a sore throat.



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