Hopping East

Easter is going to be spent, perhaps appropriately, on the East Coast.
I found it delightful growing up that we'd arrive at Grandma & Grandpa's apartment in New York City Easter morning and discover that the Easter Bunny *knew* we'd be there, because he'd left Easter baskets for us in Philadelphia earlier that morning AND New York City.

The Easter Bunny is the only gift-giving childhood deity (a cast that includes Santa and the Tooth Fairy) who I ever wrote a letter to. (You're probably wondering if I wrote to complain that my basket the year before didn't meet expectations?) I think one year we had the idea to leave gifts for the Easter Bunny so I also added a note. Imagine how joyful I was to come downstairs the next morning and discover that he wrote back! I might have even brought it to show and tell as validated proof of the Easter Bunny's existence.

This is one of those things that makes me wish my Mom was still around so I could thank her.



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