In a Little Weekend

In just one little weekend I felt like I strengthened the connections in so many parts of my life: one college roommate (and her family), one sister, one cousin, one aunt and one all-important grandma. Not that it's about inventorying them like easter eggs in a basket, but this weekend my basket would have been full.

I spent the night with old friends Ellyn & Joe, and their adorable, although sniffly, daughter, Clara. The little one is barely a year old, so the Easter morning easter egg hunt was highly amusing. The first hunt I'd seen where the egg actually hunts you. After a few minutes of cajoling her to take to the hunt, we each encouragingly rolled purple, pink and yellow plastic eggs straight towards the baby.

Last time I'd seen Ellyn & Clara I'd had a terrible cough and cold, so it was with a certain amount of superiority that I tsk-tsked little Clara this weekend when she wouldn't cover her mouth when she coughed. (No, no, just kidding.) After a few hours together Clara trusted me to wipe her nose and she let me wear her hat for a while too. Turns out you can entertain a baby for a surprisingly long time by putting her hat alternately on your head, her head and her doll's head. And over and over again.

And do you know what else? The Easter Bunny knew I'd be in New York again this year! (Thanks Ellyn!)



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