Mocking Mother Nature

I laugh at these Vitamin Water commercials that have Mother Nature in charge of an office of cute furry animals. (Just imagine how complicated it was to wrangle a set with three prairie dogs and a wolf. Another version has my favorite, bunny rabbits!)

The mockery of Mother Nature also captured in these Tampax ads. She's chasing you down, calling your name is a nasal, nagging voice, to give you something special: your period! They dig into that insight that, as a girl, when you first get your period your mom treats it like some big accomplishment and gift. And you're just thinking, "Seriously? A gift? This is a pain! This is going to happen to me every month for the next 30+ years??!" There's another funny version here, where Mother Nature hunts down women in the street. One with her boyfriend, saying "Good news! She's not pregnant!" and bestows the little red and pink "gift" box.



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