Nu Shooz: I Can't Wait

Despite opening the blinds Sunday morning to see snow falling, I am resolved to look only forward towards the spring. The puffy coat will not come back this season. If it gets cold, I'll wear my light winter coat, no matter how cold. (It was only after moving to Chicago that I acquired multiple winter coats. In Philadelphia and Ohio my winter coat was just my one winter coat. Not my puffy coat, then my long winter coat, and my light winter coat...)

Friends and I have made plans for pedicures next weekend, a certain sign that warmer temps must be coming around.

And here are a few adorable shoes I'm daydreaming about playing Cinderella with...

Not sure what it says that I am drawn to these jeweled shoes, and then find myself pausing to wonder if they're something I'd also see fitting on the foot of the old ladies of West Palm.*

Tahari Prudence
Arturo Chiang Lisa
Or more humbly:
Bernardo Medieval Jute

*Then I realize that the Nu Shooz song, "I Can't Wait" has also been remade in orchestral version...which initially I kind of like, but then wonder if it also sounds like the muzak of the West Palm Senior Center cafeteria.



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