One Last Thing (It's Important)

This week has been busy in party preparations. Our housewarming is Saturday.

I taste-tested my theme drinks last night and they were yummy!
I cleaned tonight and the place is spelling like vinegar and citrus.
And all week long I drove Jason crazy. I think I started stressing him out. No, I know I started stressing him out.

But just in time, Mother Nature gave us a glorious and sunny 70-degree day. The sun streaming through our windows certainly made the dust more obvious as I was cleaning. This was sort of helpful, but there's also something to be said for blissful ignorance.

As all the details come together and I craft my finishing touches, of course my camera broke today - at only 6 months old! Worse yet, in front of all of my coworkers. There's no good news when you google the error message and the word "fatal" comes up in the search results. The most common fix is to bang the camera a lot. Really. That's the answer. I might try calling Canon first.) Luckily, Jason has a camera too, so I can still play photojournalist for the blog later.

What I haven't considered yet is what I'm going to wear. How could I forget?



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