Party Planning

We are going to finally throw open the doors of our new home for a housewarming in the next couple of weeks.

It's been a good motivator to patch up the scratches in the walls, paint over the marks, and if there's been anything I've been looking at for months and not liked, to try to fix it. (Also kind of great that this is a couple weeks before Jason's mom comes to visit, so everything's kind of in order for her too.)

The party planning list is building in my head:

- iTunes playlist: we've got two levels so we were thinking of doing chill and swank upstairs and more 'rock the party' downstairs. This will avoid the dissonance of the potential coincidence of the same song playing upstairs and downstairs at the same time, but out of sync. Jason tells me there's an app through iTunes where iPhone users can vote for their favorite songs on your playlist like it's a jukebox. Way above my head, I'll let him figure that one out.

- Food and drink: do I go with a theme or just put out the stuff that I like although it doesn't match (like wings from Harold's Chicken Shack alongside guacamole?) Do I concoct a signature cocktail? The "House Warmer"? The "First Time Buyer?" The latter could be something with the taste of a Shirley Temple. This might be fun, but I'm not sure if I really have the time or the mixology smarts. (This is a hint for readers to make suggestions!)

- Entryway: Based on our invite design (pictured above) I'm thinking of replacing the wreath on our door with a vinyl record, with a custom label noting that our guests have arrived at the right place. (But this means I'll either have to steal one from the boxes in my storage unit or hit a record/thrift shop.)

- Unfinished business: We do have one room that is technically my "office" but it's also where the ironing board goes, with the litter boxes and cleaning supplies. There's no hope of having this together in time for anyone to come over. Instead, I'm thinking of composing a vignette of my ideas for the room and having people somehow comment or vote for their favorites. (Have those little post-it flags out for guests to post on their favorite elements.) I hope that this will stop everyone from quickly turning out of the door in disgust!

One final endorsement: For our party invite I used Such a nice alternative to Evite. Think of anything that you don't like about Evite: I need to log in, I can't see the party details in the email notice, I have to click through to their website just to RSVP, too many ads... Pingg addresses them all. And they have hip invitation designs too. (Like the image above, which I chose for our party. Which means that I now really want to get this real record player to go with it!)Wow, so much to do. (And I'm out of town this weekend... and Jason's brother is visiting... wonder if I can trust them to keep the place clean??? Better just add cleaning to our list of pre-party chores!)



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