Party Pooped

Our housewarming party was a resounding, amazing success! 49 people RSVP'd and I felt like they all showed up! The living room was so loud for the first hour I wondered why I'd spent so much time on the party playlist, since I couldn't even hear it. Busy being a hostess, I was hardly remembering to enjoy my own party! Jason and I would catch each other in the hallway, pause to catch our breath and inquire as to where our totally freaked out cats were hiding. (A dramatic moment occurred when they were separated, each hiding under a different bed.)

I concocted a few 'signature drinks' for the party, arranged around a monopoly board with little houses and cash on the counter, to reflect our new home buying theme.
The "First Time Buyer" (This was basically a Shirley Temple, which I mixed as non-alcoholic since we had two pregnant ladies as guests!)
The "Seller's Agent"
There was also the "House Warmer" - coke and spiced rum and "In the Red" - a yummy pomegranate martini, which seemed to be a favorite. (Really good recipe here.)

I realized that guests liked the idea of the drinks probably more than actually drinking them. (As I poured an almost full pitcher of a martini mix down the drain at the end of the night.) Instead, my friends really like red wine. A lot. So I hid the bottle of red that my friend from Argentina brought, to save it for myself later! Later he looked for it on the counter to tell someone else about the variety and paused, "Did they already drink it?" he asked in dismay. I had to confess that I'd pulled it under the counter for myself!

I made a yummy prosciutto-wrapped asparagus app. (Forgot to read the part of the recipe about baking them, but no one noticed. I could later argue that serving them fresh and cool better fit the mood of a springtime party. It was even warm enough to have guests on the balcony... which meant I also made a hasty supermarket plant purchase to fill an empty planter in the corner.) Also bought at the supermarket were trays of sushi, which we unpacked and put on a neat white platter. Guests asked, "The sushi is so good, where did you get it from??" "Supermarket." I whispered softly and secretively.

It was kind of cool to see old neighbors, a friend from Oberlin who I literally hadn't seen in since graduation, and friends of friends who I hope are becoming closer to first degree friends. What a crowd.

What a party. We surrendered to the dishes at 3 am. Finished them this morning.



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