Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know my talented sister was sewing her own prom dress in high school. (Whatever. Not jealous, even over 10 years later...) I am, however, proud of what I made today at sewing class. A summer top.
I brought home the fabric before the class and Jason asked if I was making a Navajo blanket. Ha-ha. The teacher even asked me where I'd found the fabric. I took this as a compliment, but maybe she was wondering how close the nearest Indian reservation could be??

I had every confidence while having an instructor right at my side to create something from a sewing pattern, but I'm wondering if I could do it unchaperoned. The same pattern had a 3/4 sleeve version - with little ties! - that I'm curious to try.
And looking at fabrics online makes me more tempted. Wonder what kind of smarty pants remark Jason will have for these prints? (From


abby said...

It looks great! Are you going to be available for curtain and pillow work for our new house? We saw some great fabrics at Ikea yesterday... There are a couple of great fabric stores to show you here: Bolt, Josephine's, and Mill End (which I haven't been to yet).

Jck said...

very cute! I love it.


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