Under My Umbrella

Today was a lousy day. Stupid day.

So, tonight for dinner I am having:
- Spinach artichoke dip and pita wedges
- Pomegranate martini
- Cake
(All party leftovers.)

I may even watch a movie tonight to make my escape from the day complete.

There are days when I wonder if staying in bed might have been better (but the adult part of me knows that whatever happened today would have patiently waited until Wednesday to slap me in the face anyway.)

I should have known when it took me a block in the morning rain to get my umbrella open that the day might not go my direction. (I am glad though for the friends and husband, and blog readers who allow me to indulge in the frustration and self pity I require.)


Anonymous said...

umrella, huh?


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