Sunny Sunday

A sunny Sunday, for which plans unexpectedly developed late on Saturday night over drinks with friends. An extra Cubs ticket with brunch beforehand. I really overestimated the amount of time it'd take me to get to my brunch date so I walked to the lake to sit on a bench for a bit. Watching the sun glittering on the waves, and a dog climbing on the rocks chasing underwater shadows while his owner chatted on the cell phone.With tickets for the general seating bleachers, we arrived early. About an hour early to assure ourselves decent seats together.

We were directly underneath the scoreboard. Look closely for the faces of the two guys operating the manual scoring system.
Unfortunately, the Cubs lost to the Astros. And I ended up paying a ridiculous amount of money for sticky sunscreen since I'd forgotten my own. But at least the ticket price was worth it, even if I'm throwing away the gross sunscreen.



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