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Container Store: force for good, or evil?

Walking into the Container Store I feel like there's just a plenitude of possibilities ahead of me, all organized and orderly. A home where everything is in its place, and there's a place for everything.

I consoled myself for having to drive to work one day last week by allowing a stop at the Container Store on the way home. I thought I'd be responsible and just get the two things on my list. To reinforce my intended discipline I did not even get a cart. This seems a well-known retail strategy, when shoppers aren't carrying their goods, they won't realize how much they are about to buy. How many times has a shop assistant asked to start a fitting room for you and unburdened you of your hangers, just so that you could pick up a few more things to try on?

After dutifully going straight to what I wanted (shelf dividers to better organize my sweaters and a box for holding my growing collection of sewing supplies) I started to wander. I had been scoping out those shoe boxes online, and maybe they carried that cutlery organizer I'd wanted.

Suffice to say that by the end I needed a shopping cart to get back to the car. But, I had a very focused weekend of organizing ahead of me.

Look at that fabulous closet! Alphabetized spices too! (This was actually something I'd bought the supplies for months ago, but didn't get to until this weekend.)


Ellyn said...

That closet is amazing! I love the color coordination of the sweaters and shirts!


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