Beach & Brunch

A gorgeous Chicago weekend, perfect for going to the beach and having brunch with girlfriends on the balcony.

No photos of the beach, likely for the better since I came home with sand everywhere, in my bag, in the pages of my magazine. (I've already broken my camera once!) But here's a few of brunch preparations.
We enjoyed quiche with homemade wholewheat crust, spinach, feta, mozzarella and turkey bacon, made by a friend. I made silver dollar pancakes with toasted almonds and blueberry. A teaspoon of almond extract added to the pancake mix which gave a light, tasty nuance. Fruit salad and potatoes filled out our plates.

After receiving about four bottles of champagne for our housewarming party in April, the mission of the brunch was to drink mimosas too. (When you tell people that you like champagne, they respond!) We agreed to brunch again, since there are still a few bottles of champagne left. (Which will give me an opportunity to make the breakfast casserole recipe I asked Jason's mother for earlier this week!)

How does the weekend disappear so quickly?


3lennons said...

Trying to make me jealous? I want champagne brunch!


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