Beauty in the Everyday

Yesterday I happened to notice what a pretty, cheery and clean composition the cups, and one bright colander, made in our dishwasher.
A Caribbean beach or mountain covered in evergreens is also nice, but in the meantime this will do since it was kind of unexpected and accidental. Later Jason was a little perturbed when he tried emptying the dishwasher because I never flipped that tupperware container at the front over. It filled with water during the wash cycle which splashed a lot when he pulled it out to put it away. I guess I was too busy taking pictures? But it did buy him an excuse to come back to the dishes later, since everything on the lower tray was now wet.


JCK said...

Funny, first thing my eye went to was the upturned tupperware - eeek!What does that say about me? Pessimist? Always looking for trouble?


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