Our deck is ready for the summer, whenever Chicago weather would care to cooperate. (This photo from the passenger seat of a Saturday errand.)

A few of the details of our new deck include the plant stands I spray painted a terrific Key Lime. While working on these outside I recognized that this is a color you either love (many people stopped to say so) or you don't understand and so you walk by still looking, but without saying a word. The turtle planter I picked up from e-Bay is a smart little accessory and works for growing grass seeds for the cats to nibble on. I was going to spray paint an old plastic planter a complimentary color, but after I explained to Jason the multiple steps of priming, waiting to dry, and spray painting, he asked me why I didn't just return the primer and paint to Home Depot and get a new planter instead...for the same or less money, and much less time. Good idea, Jason! The old planter was taken to the alleyway where I'm pretty positive a scavenger spotted it and took it onto another home.

Pretty copper planters are filled with flowers that I'm eager to see explode in the height of summer.
Two over-the-rail planters work perfectly for growing herbs (basil and mint.) I think too many of them and it'd start to look a little cluttered, but just two on the side work for my needs. This is the product of an inventive mind, for sure! "Installation" was pretty simple. And the seat cushions, are a cute ginko pattern, combining maybe two of my favorite summer colors, green and a seafoam blue. (There were a lot of pretty patterns to pick from.)Placemats and a hurricane candle holder, both spotted at Target, were the finishing touches.And voila!Maybe the only thing missing is a splashy outdoor door mat? (For that empty space on the bottom left.)


jck said...

Nicely done! Very chic.


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