Decked Out

Last week our deck was looking sad, and nearly embarrassing. A puddle, chairs all over the place, a big planter with just one small, lonely weed starting to sprout. At our old place, the deck faced only the parking lot, so if things were a mess only your neighbors saw. (The same neighbors who used their side of the deck for airing out the Diaper Genie, so they probably weren't judging.)

Our new place has a street-facing balcony, and the neglect of the deck was likely decreasing our curb appeal. So for the second most gorgeous weekend of the summer, Jason and I were hanging planters, planting flowers, and spray painting plant stands to give them a fresh, bright finish.

Since it's raining today, and the finishing touches are still shipping to me, I'll give you just a few ingredients.

Wait for the big reveal soon!


Andra Sue said...

Are those ginkgo leaves on your cushion??? OMG, I LOVE ginkgo leaves. Also--how Chicago!!! :)

Claire said...

They are ginkos! And they arrived today! Pictures soon.


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