Doesn't Everyone Know That?

We enjoyed our office summer outing today, on the shores of glassy Lake Michigan, under brilliant sun and a warm, friendly breeze. This breeze was a relief to the four gullible folks (myself included) who signed up for "set up crew" and had to carry coolers, charcoal briquettes, games and all sorts of other supplies down the steep stairs to the beach, as well as across the sand. Today's workout: completed.

As we stood in the stand waiting for instructions on the team game for the day, I dug my feet into the hot sand. A co-worker looked down at my feet and then back at me and asked, "Are your feet cooler when you do that, Claire? Is that why you're digging them into the sand like that?"

I paused because I didn't quite believe that this was a question. It seemed like a universal, known, truth. When the sand is hot (or when you realize you have forgotten to put sunblock on the tops of your feet) dig them down and you'll find the cool, damp sand underneath.

It is also almost a compulsion when I find myself on the beach, because it is so comfortable when your feet are surrounded in sand. (Exfoliating too, I think.)

It is definitely one of the things I love the most about 1. Summer, 2. Living in a city with a beach 3 blocks from my house. (Even if the winter is a bear.)



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