Sure, this guy doesn't look like he'd be too much trouble. But that smudge on his nose should have been a warning. No, that photo wasn't our cat after doing a turn as chimney sweep Dick Van Dyke in a remake of Mary Poppins. It was a result of him bumping up against our garden-level screen window, trying to battle with a neighborhood stray cat.

The other night, hours after Jason had fallen asleep on the couch, he was awoken by the ruckus made by our kitten (the now comparatively well-behaved, Piper) scampering up and down the hall, meowing loudly. She was sounding the alarm, Teedie had made an escape through the open window. The stray, whose neighborhood name we have learned is "Tito," came by and provoked Teedie to the point where he somehow managed to pop the screen out of the frame and give chase down the street.

Fortunately Jason heard Piper's alert, and followed our troublemaker. After cornering Teedie under a car, Jason coaxed him out and then gripped the reluctant, squirming escapee in his arms and brought him back home.

I slept through it all, and fortunately didn't hear about it until the morning when Teeds was at my feet waiting for me to refill his food bowl.

I'm very relieved we weren't making "Lost Cat" signs for the neighborhood telephone poles the following morning. The idea of a lost pet did make me think of this Sesame Street classic. Walking home from the train station a night later I saw a sign for a lost cat, a tabby with only three legs. (Breaks your heart!) But if a three-legged cat can get away, I can only imagine how far our four-legged fellow might have roamed.


Anonymous said...

Perhaps Tito was trash talking about the family and Teedie decided that rather then let him get away with it, to kick some ass and defend the good family name?!?!

Those paws look like they could inflict a bit of damage. Whap, whap!

Jean Therapy


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