The Heroine of Your Own Story

This photo from Heather Bullard popped up on a blog (Great Full Day) I check in on every once in a while, and it keenly brought to mind a childhood memory of the dress up clothes stored on the third floor of our home. Growing up, Juliet and I might put on the safari pith helmet and petticoats and imagine ourselves to be other people, Marie Antoinette or boxcar children.

This is the gift that I am waiting to put together for little girls: a dress-up wardrobe. Petticoats, pith helmets, plastic swords, floppy hats, feather boas, and high heels. Probably a lot of it might be the wacky things you can find second-hand at the Salvation Army: crazy floral robes, goofy faux leather coats.

Because every girl should be able to pretend she's a heroine, sometime.


Lindsey said...

So glad you dropped by my blog and I hope you'll visit often! I love Heather Bullard's portfolio...and the photo you posted is my favorite. It reminded me of my years in ballet, lovely, frily tutus!

{ Lindsey }


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