I Made This!

Like a little kid first allowed home by themselves for the few afternoon hours when Mom has to run a few errands, this is my first unsupervised sewing project following a pattern. A cute top with 3/4 length, tie sleeves. It looks a little smock-like on the hanger, but ends up fitting me perfectly when on. The fabric is a little flower child, but is also better when worn. I kind of like it for the weekends as adornment when I'm less concerned about finding the right jewelry to accessorize.

I've still got the training wheels on though, since this top was made from the same pattern as the shirt I made in sewing class so I knew most of the steps.
The ties were totally new though, and I had to surrender myself to the pattern, since I couldn't picture how it would possibly work out right.

I did enjoy walking into the optometrists to pick up my contacts on Saturday and heard another customer exclaim, "What a cute top!" and the saleswoman agreed, "It is!" Even though I wanted to proudly proclaim, "I made this! I made this!" I demurred and modestly just said, "Thanks."But I still said it quietly in my head, "I made this!!"

Maybe next, Apartment Pants? And how cute is it that a sewing pattern store based in Philadelphia is called Betsy Ross Patterns?



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