Summer blockbusters... blah, just a bust for me. (Ok, I was a little bit interested in Star Trek, but Jason wanted Terminator so we shrugged our shoulders and ended up walking away from the multiplex box office window, not able to agree.)

But now, I'm super excited for Julie & Julia. Watch the trailer and let me know if you'll go with me! My guess is that Jason will apologize that this conflicts with a scheduled sock drawer reorganization.

I am coming around to agreeing that Meryl Streep is an awesome actress after watching the previews. (And realizing that I might like ABBA just a little bit after seeing Mama Mia! on a plane.)

Julie & Julia might interest me even more than the Chanel movie... and when is that coming out anyway??! (IMDB says September 18th... why so long when apparently Belgium got it in April? Since when does Belgium get movies before the country that has Hollywood?!)


Junko said...

Oh My Gosh! The Movie looks like kind of my movies! I wish I were there, Claire. Living in non English Speaking Country, it is very hard to find movies.

abby said...

I'm very excited about this one too. You should plan a trip to Portland so we can see it together! I will have lots of enthusiasm for it.

Claire said...

Mmm... I've been thinking of the best time to go to Portland, maybe! And it's probably the closest I could get to you, Junko if only the hop across the Pacific were a quick trip!!


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