The Speedy Tortoise

I did the Lincoln Park Zoo 5k again this year. My time was 38:35, an average 12:27 minute mile. Right between how well I ran last year when I trained for one race, and didn't train at all for another. Which makes sense since I only sort of trained this year. I was a little worried about putting the time chip on my shoe, knowing that it would create a google record of my name, paired with a tortoise-like pace. I was a little slow, once again proving that I am not a natural athlete, but someone who shows up and tries to do their best.
Running through the zoo was fun, hearing fellow runners exclaim, "Oh my god, birds!!" Running with a pack helped me keep up a jog for 95% of the race, but I confess I walked a little in Mile 3.
The lions were ready to spectate at the start of the race. True to their lazy cat reputation, at the end of the race they were all pretty much in the same place I'd left them when I started running.
I looked at this lion and he epitomized how I felt about waking up so early in the morning for running.
As well as how energetic I am this afternoon, post race.



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