And They Lived Happily Ever After

Good news! The lost little dog, of yesterday's post, is found. The temporary guardian, the girl who'd corralled the runaway and kept her at her own home, called me tonight to share that the owner saw one of my flyers!

I'm so relieved. In the back of my head, as I fell asleep at night, I wondered, "Could I own a dog? Maybe I could take her in. Maybe she'd be a dog that likes cats... Walking a dog at 6 am in February might not be that bad..."

In my head, I'd named her Harriet. "Hattie" for short, since her stout little body, and bumbling, meandering ways seemed cute and little old ladyish.

But more satisfying than deciding upon an appropriate name, is that, whatever her name, the pup is back with the owner that loves her. And who hopefully keeps her on a tighter leash! Please.

(Painting by Andrew Wyeth.)



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