Cape Town Travel Diary: How I Eke Out Another Post

I've really already hit the highlights of the trip to Cape Town. By now you might think I was there for many more days of tourism, but if you could see all the photos you'd note I was wearing pretty much the same clothes in every shot, because it was really only 2 1/2 days.So now, here are just the best photos I couldn't fit in as part of a cohesive story. Like these special birds of paradise we saw at the botanical garden, called Nelson's Gold, for Nelson Mandela. He's a pretty popular guy down there. I saw his face on purses, t-shirts, baby dresses, and dolls. Also all over, was hype for the upcoming 2010 World Cup. I could see them building the stadium from my hotel room.There are penguins in South Africa. If I was a penguin, I think I'd try to live on the warm shores of Africa too, as opposed to Antarctica or somewhere else too chilly. I thought it was ironic that the rock on the penguin beach also kind of looks like a penguin. Maybe they think that too and worship it like an idol? Or think of it like the Big Tex statue at the Texas State Fair?



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