Cape Town Travel Diary: Table Mountain

The iconic landmark of Cape Town, (and logo for the conference I was attending) is Table Mountain. So called, because it's a flat plateau on top. It's also a mountain. Our guide pointed out that when there are clouds, they sit on top of the mountain, like a clean white tablecloth. Or on our last day, kind of obscure the mountain like a drop cloth. But at least there was a rainbow to substitute!What's neat is that it's not a mountain off in the distance, but really right there in the city. This was the view from the hotel elevator:When we learned that the mountain would be closing for 4 weeks, we hustled ourselves into a cable car and up to the top for a sunset. The funny thing is that when you get to the top you start framing your snapshots and think, "Huh, this photo would be great if Table Mountain were in it..." and then you realize that's kind of impossible.
Staying for the close of the day with the last cable car down at 6 pm meant having one foot on the mountain and one foot in the cable car as the sun sunk into the ocean. It was worth it, although I wished the other tourists would shut up and take in the moment in silence. I don't know why people need to chit chat about why you're not allowed to lock bikes at City Hall in Iowa or somewhere when there's a beautiful, amazing moment to absorb. It's so inane. My coworker and I agreed on this point and relocated ourselves to another part of the mountain.



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