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It was a mid-year realization that I had taken few, if any, steps towards my new year's resolution to get rid of my storage unit that had me writing a few craigslist ads last week.

#9b. Become a patron to the Salvation Army. Get rid of stuff that I don't wear or use. Take the books I won't read again to Half Price Books to sell them, or give them to friends. In general, don't let the new big apartment mean that I just accumulate lots of nonsense stuff. Get rid of the storage unit.

$90 later I am closer to an empty storage unit! (I also called the Salvation Army and have a bag ready for Half Price Books.)

I made the initial mistake of overvaluing my stuff because everything looked far more attractive and meaningful because it was mine. But to a stranger about to part with money in their pocket they see the scratches, the chips, the wobbly legs. (I sobered up after assembling a table for someone to look at and ended up emailing them to say they could just have it for free since it was, as Jason later described it, "one bad break away from firewood."

This Spike Jonze IKEA commercial perfectly captures my struggle to get rid of stuff. I do dread putting something out in the alley, facing an uncertain future. Maybe someone will pick it up and take it to their warm, welcoming home considering it a precious found treasure. Or some hoodlum will kick it or throw it against the wall crushing it into pieces, carelessly. Or the trash men will just come and it'll go off to some dump or trash barge.
This is why craigslist makes me happy. I know that chest of drawers I have always meant to refinish is going to another woman with that same intent. And I optimistically believe that she'll make it happen when I didn't.


jck said...

i do feel sad for the lamp :(
Thanks for that uplifting video, now I'm crying.


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