Little Bit of Knit

All the celebs are draping scarves around their necks, regardless of the weather. A chic accessory that says 'I dressed up just a little' or 'I am dressing down and trying to make it look intentionally good.' In the spirit of trying to up my casual day style, I am going to try this scarf. It looks easy enough for my stalled-at-beginner knitting skills.(Abby, please keep your telephone lines open for knitting assistance! Although I am delighted to learn that YouTube can even help you figure out knitting stitches. Perfect.)
I ordered this very pretty yarn for it, and maybe it'll be something to do on that 23 hour flight to South Africa.Now I'll just need some glamorous sunglasses to complete my version of the look.


Jean Therapy said...

The scarf trend is one that I love. I'm not certain it's only to last much longer but I love, love, love it.


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