One at a Time

Now that I've been in a pitch of crafty impulse, I'm trying to temper my enthusiasm just slightly so that when the fever wanes I won't be left with five unfinished projects on my hands. (I think both my sister and I inherited unfinished projects from our mother, which we may have completed ourselves years and years later. Which reminds me, I still need to figure out how to block that needlepoint.)
So what's on my list right now:
1. Finishing the burp clothes (to be split between the baby girls expected on the West and East coasts)
2. Refreshing my knitting skills for my summer scarf
3. Putting together a new little bed for our cats. Necessity is the mother of invention on this one. The cat bed we purchased years ago for Teedie is now looking a little ragged. I found a reasonable substitute on etsy, but I'm now looking for one that isn't such a interruption of our decorating landscape. (The choices left on etsy are of the bright purple and green variety.) I'm glad to have found a tutorial online. (But if I never get to the bottom of the list, this is an adorable alternative.)This one too.
(Top illustration is from a fascinating flickr set of Sublime Stitching. Could convince me to try embroidery too!)



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