It's evident that Jason and I won't be able to enjoy leather furniture for at least the next 15 years - the estimated remaining lifespan of our cats. Our cats with claws.

So I wonder what might be an appropriate replacement for the leather chair I love but am watching slowly deteriorate with feline companionship?

Would it be over-the-top to make an investment in an Oberlin womb chair? Four years at school and I never knew it's really called a Ball Chair.

"The iconic Ball Chair is the cornerstone of any mid-century or retro-modern lounge area or living room. Building on the revolutionary concept popularized in the 1960's by Eero Aarnio and his original Ball Chair, we have essentially redesigned this piece to accommodate the needs of a new generation, while staying true to authentic materials and craftsmanship."

It even comes in practical microsuede fabric. I'd give up years of birthday and Christmas presents for one of my own! The perfect escape for a nap or a Russian history reading assignment. Sometimes I miss you Mudd Library.

You can design your own ball chair here. Then let me know what you'd think of it in my living room.



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