Total Failure of Discipline

Just minutes after committing to future discipline in project initiation, I put the wheels in motion for a new, different project.

I showed Jason the hip and adorable suitcase cat bed, and he took to it as something that we might make ourselves. It is perhaps a productive shared project. He gets to tear something apart and then use his drill. I sew.

This suitcase we found on eBay for $9 is already making its way to our home. I found some little legs online also, but am also considering stopping by the furniture maker that keeps his shop adjacent to my train station to see what 4 mini hand-crafted legs run these days. An old bed pillow can probably be the cushion and I'm looking at fabric online for the cover.

Although a fun pillowcase might work just as well, possibly be cheaper and mean less work.

The goal here will be to make sure that we don't end up paying more to make it ourselves than to buy it from someone else.

But either one will be preferable to Teedie's taking to bed in my real suitcases as I try to pack for trips.


jck said...

so fun! Good luck.


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