TRU Delights

Saturday we had a night of enjoying that we are both wealthier and more famous than we really are, by dining at the 'kitchen table' at Chicago restaurant, TRU. Tucked in the back of the restaurant's kitchen a small private dining room gives you the behind-the-scenes vibe of a hustle-bustle restaurant kitchen.

We started with a tour of the kitchen where you see the cabinets of glasses and Versace teacups; the small closet of a service bar; the warm and cold marble tables where chefs adroitly assemble the plates with garnishes and sauces; the meat freezers with hanging pigs' feet; the fresh fruit and vegetable refrigerator; the ceiling high stainless steel spice cabinet. As soon as the doors opened we could smell all the seasonings inside. It might as well have been a magic cabinet with all tricks and spells hidden inside. After a meet-and-greet and photo with the Executive Chef we were seated in the intimate dining room with two windows looking back out to the kitchen, and one out to the street. Tourists strolled by and peeked in, some more obviously than others. I wondered if they were trying to figure out if they'd seen us in the pages of a magazine somewhere. I suppose if we were real celebrities, we would have closed the blinds.
Our hosts even pulled out a little stool for my purse to have a seat! The dinner is a ten course chef's menu, meaning you never pick up a menu but instead sit back and put your trust in the chef. And the sommelier who selects your wine pairings, a glass with nearly each dish (9 glasses by the end of the night, but it was about a four-five hour meal. We had lucked out with a reservation on a night when no one else was booked for the table.)
I don't know if I can recount the dishes in any way that rivals the presentation and taste. (Photos from Jason and one of our companions, Liz, will help.) Lots of fancy dishes like a staircase of caviar, frogs leg's, lamb, and foie gras, all in very small morsels that kept you satiated but intrigued for what be on the next plate lowered before you.
I proved myself a rookie by dropping some caviar on the tablecloth, but the attentive host swept in with a napkin to cover my clumsiness.Jason enjoyed this too much.
The wine and the food didn't really catch up with me until the end of the night arrived, and the cheese and dessert carts rolled away. What an amazing meal. Good company too, with friends Geoff & Liz who suggested the evening of TRU delights.



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