Cat Nap Case

After marshaling the required supplies: suitcase, furniture legs, fabric and tools, it took just about a day or two to construct the new (but retro) cat bed. I had worried that this project would be another one added to the list, with indefinite completion timelines. But it's done! It was really pretty simple, a project we could navigate by making up our own directions, and with just one visit to the hardware store.

The remaining question was how the cats would take to it. They were cool and aloof (surprised?), until we just took away the old ratty bed! Liberally sprinkling catnip all over the pillow might have also helped. The next morning Piper was snuggled in.
Teedie has been withholding his judgment.


Jason said...

I still think we have a side business blossoming here. :)

3lennons said...

cute, cute,cute. I would sleep in that too! I'm prepared to market this for you in Maine. Let me know when you're ready.

Jean Therapy said...

Sooo cute! If I was a cat, I'd totally call dibs on that suitcase.


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