Hand Luggage

While Abby unleashed me on the streets of Portland with a map outlining the Pearl district, known for its shopping, it was only the size of my hand luggage that held me back. I couldn't buy anything that wouldn't fit into my carry on. And fortunately my purchases did fit:
- one book: Apartment Therapy from Powell's
- one calendar: from crazy fun shop Cargo (not Canoe, as Abby mistakenly called it, but quickly pointed out that there is apparently also a store called Canoe in Portland. With their outdoorsiness, I believe it.)
- one bouquet of lavender - trimmed down to fit in a ziploc bag on Sunday morning

I do regret that I think I finally found a perfect storage solution for our video components at Cargo. But it most certainly would NOT fit into my hand luggage. (This figure of speech always seems funny to me.)Look, its grid front allows for ventilation of the warm Tivo! And the beams of the remote could surely sneak through the grate too. It also fits with the new color scheme I'm concocting for our living room of black, white, grey and bold strokes of my favorite color, green. It would also make the Japanese tonsu look less lonely by adding an Asian brother to the furniture mix. (This cabinet is Chinese. I'd hope they'd be able to overcome their historical cultural conflicts.)

I wonder if there's shipping? Or can I put the cabinet onboard a plane as an unaccompanied minor?


Andra Sue said...

I love it!!!


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