Like Sands Through the Hourglass

Looking at my calendar, I realized that every weekend from now until mid-September is booked. When I found my next free, lazy weekend, where did I arrive? Fall! Summer suddenly felt like it had slipped right through my hands. Like sands through the hourglass, so are the Days of our Lives.

Which might explain why I was thinking of winter wear and accessories.
A fleece-lined hoodie(Should have thought about asking Sura if her hubby gets an employee discount at LL Bean!)
New UGGs, because the old ones are showing the salt from last winter's sidewalks and the treds are all worn down. (But when I remember the price of this footwear, I wonder if another season can be pulled from the existing boots.)

I think I really had to snap to, and realize that it was early August, when I was shopping Christmas cards today. But aren't the popcorn strands so cute?

But no, summer is still here! I must absorb every last minute and enjoy it. This Sunday: brunch with the ladies on the balcony again.


Andra Sue said...

That is so weird...I was JUST having pretty much this very same discussion with a colleague today on our way to the airport in Seattle. I was talking about how winter seems like it's almost here already, and he said, "you're just feeling like that because we're in Seattle and it's chilly." HAH. No! It's not just me! :)


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