My Mini Sabbitcal

I'm packing my bag for a jaunt westward to Portland to visit friends Abby & David. Abby has kindly sent me an advance itinerary which includes the art museum, movie Julie & Julia (yay!), fabric and yarn shopping, Shakespeare and a farmer's market. And I think I'm earning my keep by hemming curtains. (Which means I should probably google this tonight to see if how I think it should be done is the real way to do it.)

Since I knew I'd be away this weekend I took a few days off of work this week. I enjoyed my three-day sabbatical with friend Alexis who is on a three-month sabbatical from her consulting gig. I think I could get used to weekday shopping in Andersonville followed by a late afternoon beer at Hopleaf. I'm drawn to the Lamp Bar at White Attic where you pick your own finish for a fun ceramic lamp, and a great new couch from Urbanest.)I also need to take more vacation days.


Junko said...

I am so Jealous that you are going to Portland. Portland is one of the cities where I want to visit.
I cannot wait to see some photos!


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