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I admit to being a bit of a groupie when it comes to politics. (See Tivo wishlist: West Wing. And latest book I'd like to read, In the President's Secret Service.) How neat was it that Bill Clinton hopped over to North Korea today to rescue those two American journalists?

Having already read his biography, I am looking forward to the sequel, since there's obviously still much more to be written from Bill Clinton: Citizen Statesman. Jason's coworker offered the trivia that Kim Jong Il is an autograph collector and might have let the pair of reporters out in exchange for a Clinton signature. A tidbit worthy of a chapter, at least.

Watching the footage of the two reporters boarding the plane I wondered why they politely shook Bill's hand. After someone rescues me from hard labor in North Korea, I'd be hugging. (And I'm not really a big hugger of acquaintances.) Jason suggested that it might be inappropriate, since Bill was president. I countered that knowing the antics that characterized his presidency, he might like hugs.


JCK said...

I'm no political groupie, but I agree that it was very cool of Clinton to spring the girls from a lifetime of hard labor. I also appreciate Clinton stepping in so that Obama could concentrate on more important matters - like beer diplomacy with that cop and Henry Louis Gates. BTW, does anyone else suspect this is a publicity stunt for Gate's new book. I'm not saying the cop was right (I wasn't there to judge) but isn't it just a bit coincidental that Gates writes books on exactly this type of racial injustice? Or am I totally naive, and this happens to every black man in America?

Claire said...

I love that you're a conspiracy theorist on this one. I kind of held withheld judgment on it, since even fair critique might be misread.
It probably happens more often to black men in America, but I guess I would hope that he might appreciate the cops doing their jobs. On the other hand, we had a somewhat similar experience where the cops in our neighborhood were called because someone jumped a gate next to our building. They didn't bat an eyelash as us as two white yuppies standing outside our building.


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