Smart Souvenir

One of the last things I remember to pack for any trip abroad is always the freebie zip tote bag I was handed by an eager sales rep at a medical convention years ago. It's cheap, easy to fold, but expansive enough when I realize that I'm coming home with more than I arrived with, thanks to souvenir shopping.
One of my co-worker/travel buddies in Cape Town came up with a terrific souvenir idea that eliminates the need for extra luggage: stamps. With two little kids at home, she stopped at a post office and they kindly showed her a number of South Africa's signature stamps. To pack, she just slipped these souvenirs into her book for the safe trip home. While probably not something you brag about on a first date, stamp collecting is a cute little kid hobby. It's so vintage!I remember feeling like we'd found lost treasure when Juliet and I found our father's stamp collection from his own childhood. It was evident this hobby carried forward into his adulthood when I'd pick up packages from the college mailroom, covered in different colorful stamps to pay for the postage. Ever since then the boring printed sticker that you get at the post office counter to mail your packages have seemed so dull.



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